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Mission Statement

          The North American Rod and Gun Club Directory is a meeting place for all people involved in hunting, fishing, and camping. This Web Site is a work in progress. Please contribute your ideas on the content of this site. You can contribute by completing one or of the Forms on this page. Please let us know how we can improve this site.

          We request that Clubs and Associations complete the Club Registration Form, send us photographs of their clubs, artwork of their logos and events to include on their Club Pages/Event Calendars. Both clubs and individuals are requested to send us pictures of game, fish, landscapes, ... . for us to display in the Photograph Gallery. Forward Videos of your outdoors adventures for showing on the Video Clip Cinema. Provide us with Fish and Game Recipes, Articles of Interest, Classified Ads, and Second Amendment information.

Recipe Gallery recipe book

          If you would like to submit a recipe, please put the recipe in a file and email it to With the following information: Submitted by, Preparation Time, Number of Servings, Ingredients, Directions, E-Mail Address, and How you found us. Click on our Email address below to send your recipe as an attachment.

Sound GalleryNew!

          If you have any clips to post, please send them to us. We will be posting more clips in the near future. Click on our Email address below to send your photo(s) as an attachment.

Photo GalleryNew!

          To have your photos posted they need to be Electronic photos; gif, jpeg, ..., . : Please submit both the information below along with your photo(s) (jpeg, gif, ...). Submitted by, Description of photo (type of game or fish or whatever) Person(s) in photo, County or Town, State or Province, Type of Weapon or Rod (if applicable), Location/Outfitter of harvest (if applicable), E-Mail Address, How you found us, Any comments you have. Click on our Email address below to send your photo(s) as an attachment.

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