Broiled Turkey Steaks

NOTES: Turkey steaks are made by cutting across the breast, against the grain, instead of filleting it.               Each steak should be about one inch thick. This cut is best made with a professional                         meat saw, and some friendly butchers will cut the steaks for you if you are a regular                           customer. Not that cutting against the grain makes and entirely different meat from the                       same breast cut into fingers with the grain. The pomegranate molasses or syrup used in                     well as in of the Middle East. The last bottle I found was imported from Lebanon. If you                   can't find the stuff,this recipe is a popular condiment in Azerbaijan and other countries of                   the Caucasus, as use any good sweet-and-sour basting sauce suitable for chicken.

Ingredients: Turkey steaks
                  pomegranate molasses
                  salt and pepper

          Preheat the broiler, and adjust the rack so it is four inches from the heat source. Melt a little butter and mix in an equal amount of pomegranate molasses, making enough for a basting sauce. Salt and pepper the turkey steaks, place them in a broiling pan, and broil for three minutes on each side. Baste the top side, and broil for another minute. Turn, baste, and broil a little longer, until the turkey is done. Don't overcook. Serve hot with rice and steamed vegetables or perhaps broiled eggplant.

American Hunter, April 1999