Grilled Turkey Fingers

NOTES: To prepare the turkey fingers, fillet out both side of the breast, cutting close on either side                 of the breast, cutting close on either side of the breastbone. Slice each fillet into fingers,                     lengthwise. I prefer to leave the skin on the breasts, but suit yourself. For even cooking, the               fingers should be about one inch thick in the middle and fairly uniform. I like to cook with                   tongs so that each piece can be taken out individually when done.

          Turkey fingers grilled over charcoal or wood coals are hard to beat. Normally, I brush the fingers on both sides with bacon grease, then sprinkle them with salt and pepper or perhaps lemon-pepper seasoning salt. Next, I grill them about four inches from very hot coals, cooking for three or four minutes on each side.
          Cooking close to high heat for a short time makes the meat golden brown outside and juicy inside. Slower cooking at a greater distance from the heat, perhaps with the aid of some green hickory chips, will also work, giving the meat more smoke flavor. Personally, I like the quick method, especially when cooking over a campfire.
American Hunter, April 1999