Skillet Turkey Fingers with Gravy

NOTES: To prepare the turkey fingers, fillet out both side of the breast, cutting close on either side                 of the breast, cutting close on either side of the breastbone. Slice each fillet into fingers,                     lengthwise. I prefer to leave the skin on the breasts, but suit yourself. For even cooking, the               fingers should be about one inch thick in the middle and fairly uniform. I like to cook with                   tongs so that each piece can be taken out individually when done.

          Fillet out the breast and cut into fingers, as described above. Salt and pepper each finger, and dust lightly with flour. In a cast-iron or other suitable skillet, heat about half an inch of peanut oil-but not enough to cover the fingers. The idea is to have the bottom part of the turkey in contact with the hot skillet, thereby giving you a two-tone fired color.
          Cook the fingers three or four at a time, and drain on absorbent paper. do not overcook, which will make the meat hard and chewy. When all the fingers are done, pour most of the grease out of the skillet as scrape up any pan dredging with a spatula. add 1 to 2 tbsp. of flour. On low heat, cook and stir until the flour or check stock--stirring as you go--to make a smooth gravy. I like to stir some salt and lots of freshly ground pepper into the gravy. serve in a gravy boat, along with the turkey fingers and rice or mashed potatoes, colorful vegetables, and bread.

Plan B: If your turkey fingers turn out tough, all is not lost. Make a thin gravy, place the fried fingers back into the skillet, turning to coat all sides in gravy, cover, and simmer for 30 minutes or longer, until the turkey is tender enough to cut with a fork. Be sure to turn the pieces form time to time and add more water or stock as needed.