Fried Turkey Fingers

NOTES: To prepare the turkey fingers, fillet out both side of the breast, cutting close on either side                 of the breast, cutting close on either side of the breastbone. Slice each fillet into fingers,                     lengthwise. I prefer to leave the skin on the breasts, but suit yourself. For even cooking, the               fingers should be about one inch thick in the middle and fairly uniform. I like to cook with                   tongs so that each piece can be taken out individually when done.

Ingredients: turkey fingers
                  peanut oil for deep frying
                  salt and freshly ground black pepper

          Rig for deep frying, heating at least three inches of oil to 375 degrees. While waiting, sprinkle each turkey finger with salt and pepper. Put a little flour in a brown bag. Shake the turkey fingers in the flour, shake off the excess, and fry a few at a time until each piece is golden brown. drain and cook another batch. Serve hot.
          I like these fried turkey fingers with mashed potatoes and green peas, along with sliced tomatoes and steamed vegetables.