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          Welcome to the Rod and Gun Club Audio Clip Library. In order to listen to the recordings you will need speakers attached to your PC and an Audio engine. The Audio engine must be able to play WAV, AU, MIDI, and RMI file formats. In order to maintain a selection of audio clips we need to keep the file sizes as small as possible.

          We have a limited number of audio clips running. If you have any clips to post, please send them to us. We will be posting more clips in the near future.

The Rod & Gun Club Sound GalleryNew!

Wolf Howl 1 Wolf Howl 2 Black Bear Roar
Grunting Buck Rattling Antlers Doe Estrus Bleats
Bull Elk #1 Bull Elk #2 Cow Elk
Moose #1 Moose #2 Moose #3
Coyote Howl Squirrel Bark Crow
Turkey 1 Turkey 2 Turkey 3
Duck 1 Duck 2 Canadian Geese

If you have an Audio Clip to add, Email Us !
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