Plucking Turkey Feathers


5 Steps to make plucking easy:

          It is easier to wet-pluck a turkey than to dry-pluck it in the field. Dunking the bird
in boiling water will soften the skin and make the chore faster.

Follow these steps.
1.    Put enough water in a large pot to cover at least half the bird and begin boiling.
2.    Cut off the beard and tail, remove the wings, and cut off the feet.
3.    Place the turkey in boiling water, and hold him under for about 30 seconds, then roll
      and repeat.
4.    Remove, drain, and pluck. If feathers don't come out easily immerse again for a short
      period, but don't leave it in too long, or else you'll begin to cook the meat.
5.    Afterwards, some long hair-like feathers may remain. They can be burned off with a

Field-Dress Your Bird:

          Field-dress your turkey as soon as possible. It can be accomplished with two cuts.

A.    Make a semi-circular opening just above the anus (taking care not to puncture
      internal organs), and pull out the entrails.
B.    Through a cut along the base of the neck, extract the gizzard. Wipe exposed areas
      clean and dry and protect them from flies.